BBC Wales to launch monthly political debate programme

Monthly debates on the big issues will be staged by BBC Wales from the autumn as it expands its political coverage. The programmes, to be made by independent producer Avanti Media, will be shown in a primetime slot on TV.

Nick Andrews, head of BBC Wales commissioning, said: “We want to provide a truly national stage for a truly national debate,”

BBC Wales will also produce a new weekly current affairs series for BBC One Wales, replacing The Wales Report.

Avanti chief executive Emyr Afan said the company was “really excited” by the prospect of making the new debate programme.

“It will be the people’s hour because the people of Wales lie at its core,” he said.

“It’s their programme – speaking to the issues at the heart of the nation’s agenda.”

The Wales Report, a weekly series made for BBC Wales by the independent company Wales & Co, will be replaced later this year by a new programme made by BBC Wales staff.

Delyth Isaac, editor of the BBC Wales political unit, said it would “explore stories that people really care about – from what’s happening in our schools and hospitals to Brexit, jobs and the economy”.

“These are big, important issues that matter to everyone whether they think they’re into politics or not,” she said.

“The show will go to the heart of the big stories and try to make sense of Wales in extraordinary times. We’ll be scrutinising the powerful and giving people a voice.”